Portland Wedding Photographers | Thailand Trip 2016

My trip to Bangkok and Koh Tao Thailand New Year 2016.

Film Portra 400 and Ektar 100 | Developed and Scanned by Photovision

Shelley K Photography are fine art Portland Wedding Photographers specializing in capturing real moments paired with fine portraiture.

  • Casey said:

    These are GORGEOUS!!! Did you only take film with you? Or digital, too? Do you hand edit your scans? I tried shooting film again (after about 10 years off) this past fall and am loving getting back into it!

    • Yes, I only took film with me if you don't count my iPhone. I do very little editing to my film scans. I have been working with my lab for awhile, so they know how I want my scans to look. I love film for so many reasons. I especially love shooting film for personal stuff because I shoot with more intention, and things don't get back logged and never edited like they did when I shot digital. xo, s.

  • Camille said:

    Hi! I just found you on the J* Second Shooters FB page. I love your work!

    I used to live in Thailand and I absolutely loved it.

    I'll be moving back to the PNW this fall. I'm so excited! And am super happy to have found your site. Beautiful work!

  • Melisa said:

    Gorgeous! I totally get what you mean by shooting with intent! Love all the detail shots.

  • julie said:

    What a gorgeous website. I loved visiting Thailand through your lens.

  • Morgan said:

    WoW! What an incredible experience! I haven't been interested in visiting Thailand until now!

  • Kendra said:

    You have me wanting to go visit Thailand now!!! SOOO pretty!!!

  • Lauren said:

    Love. I have such admiration for film photographers and you are no exception. my favorite image is the one of the girl jumping into the water.

  • michelle l said:

    Looks like you had a fantastic time. great post

  • Rebecca said:

    Oh what an amazing trip and wonderful images.

  • Michael K ONeill said:

    Great Photography!! very creative

  • Isabel said:

    looks like an amazing trip!

  • Fabiola said:

    So so so incredible!!!